Celliant Bath Towel
Celliant Bath Towel
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Celliant Bath Towel

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Standard size bath towel with exceptional qualities that are anything but standard.  

The foundational piece for your sauna linen collection. This size is great as a wrap, for drying off and fits easily onto towel bars and within linen closets. 

One of Sunlighten's complete sauna linen collection with the dual benefits of super soft comfort and CELLIANT® infused cotton fabric. CELLIANT’s mineral mix converts body heat into infrared energy in a natural and safe way.

  • Create that spa feeling in your sauna with spa-level luxury, plush, densely woven and heavy 760-gram weight. 
  • Keeps you drier and helps regulate body temperature 
  • Inhibits odor-causing bacteria 
  • Absorbent 
  • Fabric: Cotton/CELLIANT blend 
  • Easy care: Machine Wash/Tumble Dry 
  • Maintains softness and durability wash after wash 
  • CELLIANT is permanent and won’t wash out. The health and wellness benefits last the life of the product.

56 x 28 inches

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