Sauna Cushion

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Sauna Model: Signature - I

Softening your cabin seat with a bench cushion shifts your mental state. It helps relax your body and mind even more by adding a layer of padding between you and the wood bench. Commercial-grade fabric protects the custom-made foam rectangle in a modern color. Fits the space perfectly and creates the most comfortable seating for you.

Dimensions by Sauna Model

mPulse Aspire: 37x21x2 inches

mPulse Believe: 45x21x2 inches

mPulse Conquer: 64x21x2 inches

mPulse Discover:

  • Cushion 1: 43x21x2 inches
  • Cushion 2: 64x21x2 inches

mPulse Empower:

  • Cushion 1: 43x21x2 inches
  • Cushion 2: 46.5x21x2 inches
  • Cushion 3: 58x21x2 inches

Signature I: 31.5x0x2 inches

Signature II & Amplify II: 45x20x2 inches

Signature III & Amplify III: 56x20x2 inches

Signature IV: 

  • Cushion 1: 56x20x2 inches
  • Cushion 2: 49x20x2 inches


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